Direct admission in using spot round

How to apply for the spot round process?
The process to apply for a spot round is you have to apply it for from offline. You have to visit the college you have to contact official and apply for spot round. For registration of spot round visit or I have to contact take the particular College number write off from your contact and you can contact them and ask for the details voter registration of spot round. It only does offline registration not online.

The best colleges?
1. government College of Pharmacy, Amravati, Karad, Aurangabad, Ratnagiri. These are the best colleges where spot rounds are done for BTech.
2. These are the semi-government colleges, these colleges come under Mumbai ( ICT. BCP, PCOP, CU Saha, KM Kundhani) this college comes under Mumbai but CU Saha is a girl’s College and PCOP comes under Pune.
3. In this college the spot round is around above 85 percent and for SC ST 80 percentage is required and for OBC it is required above 85 percentage.

Here you will get the spot round if you have done a good percentage. The above-mentioned colleges are the very good colleges where you can get the direct using spot admission through your good percentage if you are having a very good percentage above 85 then you can get admission in these colleges.

If you want to know the number of vacancies available in this college then you can directly contact to the college office and you can get the information if you don’t want to call then you can visit to the college and get the information about the vacancies and even though you can get the notification on the notice board of the college there to you can get the information about the number of vacant seats available in the college it will be easy for you to get deceit in a particular college.

You need to take the particular documents of your marks cards the copy of documents all your marks card the if you have given the entrance exam then you have to take a photocopy of your marks card and ID proof.

Spot round is very good for the students whose percentage is above 85 this is a very good opportunity for those who have scored well in their previous exams with good percentage these students can get direct admission in the college using spot round.

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