Direct admission in BTech without entrance exam

There are two types of students who want to do BTech without giving the entrance exams for example 12th standard students who have not to appear in any entrance for engineering and those who need a management seat.

Here, the student of 12th standard has given the 12th exam and the result has also come.

If you are going for admission without giving the entrance exam you cannot get a good filter for a good platform so before going for admission without entrance you have to be good in  (JEE Mains and advance) you have to get good marks and give your 100 percent and make a rank create a good score then you will get a good platform for the admission.

*For the students of 12th standard*

For this student you are having two options, first, you can take direct admission in any college without giving an entrance exam.


Drop your 1 year, drop option is for those students who can give the hundred percent in JEE Mains. (it means by dropping your 1 year you can give your hundred percent for taking admission in the good placement by giving your hundred percent in JEE Mains) you have to put your efforts to score well in JEE Mains.

* Students want to take admission in BTech without entrance *

1. (Select the Branch) you have to decide in what branch you want to join.
2. ( Check how many students are in your branch) through this you can get to know how many students of your branch in the year first and second whether a first-year student who has promoted to the second year they are still in the same college or not through this you can understand that if the second year of your same branch students are more than you can understand that in that branch the college is very good.
3. (College fees of your branch) before taking admission check your budget of 4 years

without giving the entrance exam first of all you have to plan for your future and you have to invest your time in the correct place. You have to make extracurricular activities which will help you to get a good job or a good opportunity in the future. Without an entrance exam, you can get admission easily but if you give the entrance exam then get more benefit from that.

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