How Far Can I Go with a Business Degree?

In days gone by, a bachelor of business administration degree was for the elite of the business world. However, this is no longer so. Today, this degree is for anybody who has the ambition and drive to succeed in business. A business degree involves a four-year program that will prepare students for entry-level management positions in the field of their choice.

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There are many routes that people may choose to go with a business degree. One such field is sales and marketing. While many people think that sales and marketing are one in the same thing, they are two different entities entirely. The main goal of sales managers is to sell their business’s products or services. They accomplish this by developing sales strategies, training sales representatives, and locating sales targets.

Marketing managers have a much different job. Their main goals are to determine what people need and to put sales strategies into action. They also work closely with development teams to create products that not only have desirable features, but that are priced accordingly as well. Finally, they must also develop ways to promote their products or services to their target audience.

Another popular field for a human resources majors to go into is human resources.. Human resources personnel mainly recruit and manage a business’s employees. Some of their duties include hiring and firing, creating company policies, handling payroll, handling performance problems, training, and creating motivational programs. These professionals must possess excellent administration and people skills.

Perhaps the most lucrative career for people with business degrees is in financial services. Financial managers have many responsibilities including preparing financial reports, directing investments and managing cash flow. People who choose to work within this field can choose many different work settings such as banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, small businesses, large corporations and government agencies.

Accounting is another terrific career choice with people who have a bachelor of business administration degree. It is the job of management accountants to ensure an organization’s financial stability. Some of the tasks they are responsible for include managing budgets, managing costs, managing assets, financial planning, financial reporting and handling taxes.

While not as popular as some other business careers, jobs in real estate or property management can be quite successful. Real estate managers are responsible for managing all of the operations of property and handling everything from acquisition to maintenance and disposition. It is essential to note that if people want to become real estate managers, they must make sure their business program allows them to specialize in property management.

While people who work in health services typically have healthcare administration degrees, those people who have business degrees with concentrations in healthcare administration can qualify for employment in the field as well. Persons in this field are responsible for taking care of the business and administrative aspects of the healthcare unit where they work.

Any one of these careers will make a perfect choice for people who have business administration degrees. All of them are quite popular, offer comfortable salaries and many rewards. For those people, who have a great deal of ambition and a drive to succeed, a degree in business administration could very well be their key to success.

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