How To Prep For College Admission Tests


You can easily increase your chance of obtaining good scores on the admission test. Most colleges and universities use standardized college entrance exams, like the SAT or ACT, in which test questions are derived from subjects taught in high school. These tests are made to gauge the student’s ability to perform well when they are admitted to college.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret formula that will help high school students to ace a college entrance test. There is also no special cheat or trick that will unlock one’s brain on the day of the admission test. Remember that the only way for you to pass the test and get a high score is if you start preparing for the exam early on. Most students tend to cram days before the scheduled date of the exam which is not advisable.

Keep in mind that in order for you to get into the college you desire, you need to obtain desirable college entrance exam scores. To do that, you have to follow these tried and tested strategies:

Have a Well-Defined Study Habit and Do Plenty of Readings

Nothing will beat a solid study plan. You will be boosting your chance of getting a high test score if you establish tangible and forthright study habits. Inculcating good study skills will help you greatly in preparing for your college entrance exam. Becoming an avid reader is also a big plus. Remember that standardized admission tests for college will likely assess a student’s reading, math and writing skills. So reading various book sources will allow you to expand not only your vocabulary but also your knowledge in rhetorical reasoning, sentence structure and grammar. If you are a parent who is looking to take the next step in furthering your education the college admission tests play a big role in the pursuit of potential financial aid. Higher test scores can make the attainment of a single mom scholarship program lot easier

Know Thy Enemy

It would really be advantageous if you are aware of the type of questions that will appear on the test. The more familiar you are with the exam the more confident you will become in answering it. Taking practical tests will help you know what to expect on the actual exam. Remember that practice tests emulate the content and structure of the real college admission exam. Answer practice tests as often as you can so you can easily assess yourself basing from the score you get on. Since most practical exams come with an automatic countdown timer, you can adjust your exam pacing to ensure that you will be able to cover every section of the test within the given time.

Consider Taking Advanced Placement Classes

Enrolling in an advanced placement class will give you the competitive edge. This is because AP classes offer a more advanced curriculum allowing students to gain higher level of skills that will help them ace standardized college admission test, like the SAT. You can also give your GPA a boost if you do well in your AP classes which will absolutely look good on your college application.

Preparing For the Day of the Exam

It is important that you are completely relaxed the day before the actual exam. Doing so will ensure that you will be able to perform at your best. That being said, you have to obtain a restful sleep the night before. Prepare all the things you need for the exam before sleeping so everything is ready the next day. Leave home early to ensure that you will arrive at the test center on time. Do not forget to eat a hearty breakfast before setting out so you won’t get distracted at the middle of the test due to your growling stomach.

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