terms and conditions

1. Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions of the agreement between admission consultant “Admission.institute” and private deem university for providing admission related help to the students who are looking for professional courses.

1a. The Terms and Conditions outlined in this document only focus to the guidance of students for the particular university. the process is detailed in Section 3 below. These Terms and Conditions only applicable for the private university. we have written agreement with the selected university for promoting their services.

1b. The Student who want management seats should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before starting process of admission, his/her application will be send by us to the college. If necessary, the Student can translate this page using google translate to read the Terms and Conditions prior to filling the form.

2. Changes to Terms & Conditions

Admission.institute reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions as needed. We request Student to read most current version of T&C, which we uploaded in our website online at https://admission.institute/terms-and-conditions.

2a. All students are directly bound by the regulations of university at the time of admission.

3. Confirmation of Offer

Upon admission in private university admission.institute will issues a written offer for management quota seats which is reserved  by us. In order to accept the offer, the Student must sign the Acceptance of Offer Form and pay ₹ 2000 to the college for prospectus form. This denotes completion of the confirmation process and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
4. Deposit

The Student is required to pay college fee, admission fee and other fee at the time of admission. Students accepted by the University after the deposit due date are required to pay the deposit immediately upon receipt of the student visa.

5. Deposit Refund Policy

If students does not want to take admission due to any condition then at that condition the admission fee will be refunded by the university to students in present of their parents.

6. Participant Responsibility

The price for the University program does not include the following expenses:

Personal spending money.
Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, i.e., ailments which exist prior
Meal and housing costs during the times when the University is not in academic session.
University textbooks and other necessary school supplies.

7. Student Information & Communication

The Student must provide following detail at the time of approaching to admission.institute like personal email addresses and mobile/cell numbers throughout the admission and confirmation process

20a. The Student (and their responsible party – parent, guardian, etc. – where applicable) agree that his/her images, sound, testimonials, achievements, videos, and details may be used in any media for promotional purposes without written consent or notification and will remain in effect until formally withdrawn in writing. This includes permission to pass them on to third parties (agents, publications, etc.) at the discretion of admission.institute as long as the images are used to publicize admission.institute programs.

20b. admission.institute respects the Student’s privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.

21. Data Protection

Any information provided to admission.institute are digital and are safe under password protected document. All the file are secure according to cyber law shall be used in accordance with U.S. law, including FERPA, HIPAA, and ADA. Information provided to admission.institute is held and processed for the purpose of administering the Student’s application and may be carried forward to the Student’s official student record, which holds data in electronic and paper form on personal details, academic and administrative history, and on relevant financial transactions. Upon completion of the Student’s program, the parts of his/her student record which the University needs to retain will be archived. Some information will also be processed for the purpose of managing the relationship with the Student as an alumnus. Other information will be destroyed. Throughout, the Student’s personal data will be held in accordance with current U.S. data protection law.


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